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Monthly Archives: June 2016

Security Measures has posted some great tips to help you keep your home secure.

7 Essential Security Measures For Your Home

Every now or then we keep hearing about the reports of burglary around our city or neighbourhood. More than 90-percent of the time, the robbery cases occur in the absence of homeowners. Either amateur crooks looking for...
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Window Safety

Just how secure are the windows at your house?

Here's an interesting read from article identifies some of the 'weak spots' found in peoples homes and gives some great advice on the type of things you can do to strengthen up your house.Click Here to have a read!  ...
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How safe is your neighbourhood?

...find out how much crime is happening in your area.

Use the following to link to the WA Police Crime Statistics Portal and see just how vulnerable your neighbourhood is!Click Here to enter your suburb details. ...
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