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Need spare car keys? Lost or stolen car keys?
New keys at reasonable prices, genuine or aftermarket options. We can provide & program replacement keys for a range of vehicles:

  • Car keys made, manufactured to factory specifications
  • We cut and program car keys
  • Motorcycle keys
  • Commercial vehicle keys
  • Caravans keys and locks
  • Coded Transponder keys
  • Keys cut to VIN number & factory codes
  • Proximity keys (push to start ignitions)
  • Central locking keys

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    Issues We Can

    Help You With

    We take great pride in our ability to resolve a wide variety of issues with car keys and locks. If you are experiencing trouble with any of the following, please do not hesitate to call us and request the services of a car locksmith or book your vehicle into the workshop.

    Do I need to go to the dealer for car keys?

    No, it’s not necessary, we are able to manufacture keys and depending on the manufacturer, program all keys and into the cars as well.

    How do I replace a lost car key?

    Call us with the type of car, model and year. We can then find you a solution to your problem. In many cases, we can make keys to the vehicle at our workshop where keys can also be diagnostically programmed into your car.

    My car key is hard to turn

    Regularly we have customers experience problems with their keys in the most used locks of their vehicle, and this is often a lock problem as much as a problem with the keys. Bring your vehicle into our workshop, and we will quickly diagnose the problem.

    Who can program car keys?

    As we have the technical machinery and programs, we are able to manufacture and program your car keys.

    I have different keys for the door, boot and ignition can they be all the same key.

    This is quite possible to achieve. The only test required is, does the one key go into all these locks already, even if it doesn’t turn? Call in with your car and talk to us and we will give you the complete answer.

    Who can make Laser cut keys?

    This process of cutting the laser cut keys is by a dedicated machine that we have, so Holden, Volvo, Mitsubishi keys and many others we able to manufacture.

    My remote fell apart or key is broken, can you replace it?

    Yes, we carry a number of remotes in stock and if not, are available in 24-36 hours, so central locking is not a problem for the majority of cars in Australia.*

    How do I replace my car key?

    Are you looking to have a spare set of keys made in the event of an emergency or have on you when you go for a swim? We have replacement keys and casings, specific machines to manufacture keys and the ability to program them into your car.

    Can I have a key cut to manufacturer’s Code number?

    We have the codes on computer for nearly every vehicle available in Australia and stock most of the popular vehicle key blanks.

    We cut and program car keys for all the following cars: Toyota, Chrysler, Daewoo, Honda, Fiat, Suzuki, Nissan, Renault, Mitsubishi, Yamaha, Mazda, Isuzu, Ram, Kawasaki, Jeep, Subaru, Holden HSV, Lexus, Alpha, Kia, Land Rover, Jaguar, BMW, VW and many more.

    Need Help Installing Locks?

    Take all the guesswork out, call us NOW to assist you with your automotive locksmith needs.

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    Locksmith Technology

    Before 1995, automotive security relied on the keys and the locks! However, since then the industry has used the same keys and locks but adding a small electronic chip in the head of the key (transponder technology) to control the security in the modern vehicle.

    The locksmith industry has been able to a large extent keep pace with this new technology and produced keys and transponder equivalents to enable aftermarket key production. If you are having issues with the key, locks or transponder of your vehicle, know that you can always count on Diamond Lock & Security automotive locksmiths for help.

    Diamond Lock & Security have provided auto locksmith services for over 37 years. In that time, we have quickly become one of the most trusted locksmiths in Perth, cutting laser cut keys and making keys to vehicles. With a team of highly trained and friendly locksmiths, customers can expect a professional service whenever they choose us for their vehicle key and lock needs.

    Diamond Lock & Security

    Automotive Locksmith FAQs

    Yes, we can! Whether you left your keys somewhere or in the car, or perhaps the key broke off in the lock, we can help. Our automotive locksmiths can unlock your car door in just a few minutes. We have a variety of tools that allow us to open the car door without damaging it.

    Suppose you have a keyless entry system, no problem! Today, most vehicles come with this feature, so we know how to handle the situation. Have us on speed dial so the next time you lock yourself out of your car, you can easily contact us 24/7.

    Sure we can! You may find instructions online on how to remove broken keys that are stuck in the ignition. However, without proper tools and experience, you could make matters worse. Broken keys tend to be old since the material can degrade after many years of use. However, it can happen to new keys, too. Whatever your case, you can count on our auto locksmiths to help you out.

    A piece of the broken key will usually stay jammed into the ignition. You will need a new key, as well. Give us a call right away so we can fix the problem for you.

    Our automotive locksmiths can create duplicates of your car keys, whether you lost them or simply want to obtain copies to avoid getting locked out. Typically, we advise customers to have duplicates of their car keys so they’re ready next time.

    We can quickly give you a replacement key for basic key types which do not require programming. We also make copies of transponder keys, including basic and laser cut keys.

    And here’s more. Our experienced locksmiths can make copies of your car key even if you no longer have the original key. Simply provide us with a few details, and we’ll have it copied or replaced for you.

    Dealerships will usually give you a copy of your car keys or a replacement if you have the VIN. That means you do not need the original key. However, it often takes longer and requires booking since cutting keys is not a priority service at dealerships. Additionally, it is costly.

    Usually, when you need a replacement key, you need it right away. Quick key cutting and programming can easily be done by our auto locksmith. In fact, we can give you a new set in 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the type of car key you have.


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    Lock installation

    Lock Installation

    An important part of your home or business security system, lock installation can help ensure the safety of your family from break-ins and theft.

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    Emergency Locksmith

    Diamond Lock & Security are there for you after hours. We can help you anytime as we know, thins happen.

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    Key Cutting

    Key cutting services for residential, commercial buildings, car keys copied or manufactured to factory specifications.

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