Key finders used to find car and house keys.

When you have one of the best products for finding lost car and house keys, the days of frantic hunting for are over. The idea is to attach the key finder to your key ring. It is mostly connected to your smartphone. When you cannot seem to find your keys, all you need to do now is whip out your phone, use an app, and wait for the alarm.

If you are looking for the best key car and house key finder for you, you have come to the right place. The market is full of these key finders, so getting the right product may not be as easy as finding your keys. Some factors to consider are the alarm sound, range, and features, among others.

Most of the trackers can look for keys that are within 30 metres (100 feet), and the decibel count is 90 for the alarm sounds. That being said, some trackers go beyond the average. It is up to you to make the final decision. Here are 20 of the best products that you can use to keep tabs on your keys (and other valuables). Do note though that they are in alphabetical order.

Nonda Aiko key finder for both android and apple devices.

AIKO Finder

The AIKO Finder is from a brand called Nonda. This tracker comes in a plain, neat box, and the unit also has a minimalist design. It is easy to use where you just attach the unit to a key ring & phone or any item, such as a backpack or purse – anything that you are most likely to lose.

 Features include:

  •  A map that gives you the last known location of your keys
  • Bluetooth powered
  • Has a range of 60 metres (190+ feet)
  • Loud ringtone with 90 decibels
  • Affordable

One of the things that make this product unique is that you can recharge it with a micro-USB lead. The battery lasts for a long time, with some users saying one charge can last for four weeks or longer. The app that you download to your phone and link to the unit will tell you if the battery needs to be recharged.

Chipolo key finder perfect for finding keys.


Chipolo offers a few models for tracking your keys, such as PLUS and CLASSIC. The PLUS model is perhaps the best choice if you are looking for a good quality product with a reliable build. It is a decent alternative to the more expensive options in the market and has the following features:

  •  20 metres (66 feet) range
  • Non-replaceable battery
  • Water-resistant

Chipolo also offers the ONE model, which rivals the top names today. This product has an even louder alarm than the PLUS version and has a replaceable battery as well. It also allows you to get alerts when your keys are out of range. This feature is free, unlike with other brands that charge a monthly subscription fee for it.

Click ‘n Dig key finder devices for car and house keys.
Diamond Lock

Click ‘n Dig

Click ‘n Dig has a few selections of key and object finders for those who always seem to lose their valuables. One example is the E4 Key Finder, which is an excellent option for families. It can help find not just one item, but up to three. You can attach it to your key ring, phone, wallet, or TV remote. It has one transmitter and two receivers, along with two more flat receivers. 

Pros of this product include:

  •  24.3 metre-range (80 feet)
  • Flat transmitters for laptops, phones, and other devices
  • Double-sided adhesive
  • Durable
  • 90 dB siren

The E4 promises to deliver even if you have your keys in another room with thick walls.

A cube tracker device that can also be used on phones and laptops.

CUBE Key Finder

Another key finder that you may want to consider is one from CUBE. It has an innovative design with efficient functions. 

The tracker is small and discreet with several features including:

  • Can be attached to anything, including your keyring
  • Has a shutter button for your phone’s camera
  • The battery can last up to a year
  • Offers one replacement battery
  • Uses Bluetooth technology

One unique thing about the CUBE key finder is that it can flash, vibrate, and ring to let you know where your keys are. 

A key finding system also perfect for phones and other devices.


If you are looking for an affordable tracker, the E-Byta is a good option. You can get two of these key finders for the price of one. E-Byta even has a variant that comes with two trackers whose battery life lasts for six to eight months (or more depending on usage). The battery is easily replaceable as well.

It has an alarm that alerts you where your keys are – and if your phone and the tracked items lose their connection with one another. 

findx key tracker for keys and phones.


FindX is a Bluetooth tracker that you connect with your phone through its app. It supports both Android and iOS. After downloading, you can enable the tracker by attaching it to your keys or any item. 

Turn on your phone’s Bluetooth and pair it with the key finder. You can now access the tracker with the app. 

 Other features include:

  •  Different colour options, including pink, white, blue, and green
  •  Water-resistant
  •  Selfie-trigger
  •  Uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  •  Remote camera

When purchased, FindX offers two lithium batteries, so you have a replacement when the other dies. 

JTD wireless key finder around the home.

JTD Wireless RF

This item locator, JTD Wireless RF key finder, gives four receivers, which you can connect to your key rings. You can also attach it to other items that you often lose. It has a transmitter with a range of up to 40 metres, which is wider than other products on the market. 

 All the receivers come with a flashlight. When looking for them, these receivers can emit a loud sound so that you can find them easily. It consumes less energy and therefore has a long standby time.

Key ringer device for all your essentials.


If the loudness of alerts is what you are mostly concerned about, here’s the product for you. KeyRinger is probably one of the loudest options you have. Bluetooth finders may have 90 decibels for the ring alerts, but it may not be enough if you are in a noisy environment. 

Compared to other trackers, you may not find KeyRinger as discreet. It comes with two units, which are about the size of a USB drive. You will need to attach them to your keys, and one will function as a calling device for the other. 

Aside from the loud sound, KeyRinger also has an incredibly wide range – up to 92 metres (300 feet). 

Legacy Plus

If you think that the key finders that you have encountered are lacklustre, try Legacy Plus. It can compete with other top brands with its 50-metre range (164 feet). It can interact with your smart device seamlessly.

You do not have to worry if you keep losing your keys with this mini-sized tracker. It is ergonomic, slim, and square shape with a Bluetooth tracker that will not let you down when you need it. 

Luxsure key finder device.


A distinct key finder on the market today is from Luxsure, which has a smart anti-lost tag. It also has a useful app that will notify you through your phone when it lost connection. If you often lose your keys, you can check their history using the map provided by the app. It gives you the last known location, so you can figure out where to look in case you cannot hear the tone.

You can use this tracker for your keys, remotes, and other items. It uses Bluetooth Low Energy so that it will last longer. Usually, the battery can work up to 10 months before it needs a replacement.

The magic fly key finder.

MagicFly RF Key Finder

Another unique key finder in the list is MagicFly, which lets you track not just your keys but other valuables. You can even attach it to your pets, so you know where they are when you cannot see them. MagicFly offers a good value product that lets you pinpoint the location of six of your possessions. It has a central remote, so you can find any item you need.

Unfortunately, the ringer is only 80 dB, but it does have a range of up to 31 metres (100 feet). You can also replace the batteries easily once they run out.

Mynt key finder and multi device finder.


The Mynt tracker is for those who regularly lose their keys, wallets, phones, and other items. It is much cheaper than other products out there and comes with replaceable batteries. The Mynt ES is especially popular. It has a range of 18 metres (60 feet) and has a reliable digital leash feature, which sends an alert to your phone if ever the tracker loses its connection.

Other features include:

  • Safe-zone, so you do not get false alarms
  • Adjustable timing
  • Location history
  • The battery can last up to a year

The tracker only plays at 80 dB, but it should be easy to hear it when you are looking for your keys at home.

Njoiii wireless device for keys.


The Njoiii Bluetooth tracker promises that you will find your valuables, including your keys, within seconds. Just connect it to your smart device, and you will hear it ring even if you are in another room. It comes with an app that lets you know the last location of the item, making it easier to find.

There is an extra battery included in the pack so that you can replace it on your own. The battery can last anywhere from eight to 12 months. The alerts are louder than other options out there, offering 98 decibels so you can find it even when outdoors.

Nut tag tracking device for your valued objects.

Nut Find3

Nut Find3 has a good design with its raised grooves for a comfortable grip. Upon purchasing, you will get the smart tracker with the battery installed. It has a physical button you can also press in such a case that you cannot find your phone.

The CR2032 battery is guaranteed to last anywhere from eight to 12 months on standby. Among the main functions of the tracker are:

  • Smart anti-loss, which lets you know if the keys are out of the specified safety range
  • Bidirectional alarm, which is useful if you left your phone behind
  • Beep button for quick “call” finding
  • Find network, which gives the ability to scan items around all the working apps automatically
  • The Nut Find3 supports both iPhone and Android users.

Orbit tracking device for phone, laptop and keys.


Deemed as one of the most stylish key finders out there, the Orbit tracker can help you look for your keys within a 13-metre radius (45 feet). The battery is replaceable, and the unit itself comes with a two-way find feature.

The range though, is quite limited, but it does have a respectable digital leash. It is also easy to use since you only have to attach it to your keychain or any item that you often lose. Because of its stylishness, you will be proud to have it with you. Choose from 12 different colour options – all with a brushed aluminium finish. 

Pebble Bee tracking device used to detect objects.


If you often misplace your keys, phone, wallet, or anything valuable to you, have the Pebblebee attached to it. This tracker will make everything easy when finding those items. The advertised range is more than 60 metres (200 feet), which is double the industry standard.

If you are fond of trackers that are not as flashy as the others in the market, you will like Pebblebee’s design. It is minimalistic and inconspicuous, although you cannot find other colour selections as of this time. Nevertheless, if you are more about the features and not the looks, this key finder is for your consideration.

The battery is also long-lasting since it can last for about a whole year. Note, though, that it has no waterproofing features, but it does have a louder speaker than many competitors.

Pixie key tracking device.


The Pixie tracker known as Pixie Point is probably one of the most expensive key finders right now. It combines the efficiency of augmented reality when finding lost items, such as keys, purses, phones, and more. There are helpful instructions onscreen, and you can get accurate alerts when within 1.5 metres (5 feet) from the unit.

To use the tracker, you need to attach it to the item that you wish to keep tabs on periodically. It can be a problem for those who always lose their phones because it adds bulk to the device. The battery is also irreplaceable, and the app only supports iOS users.

Pixie is what you need to find items because it does not just give you alerts when they are out of range. Pair it with your phone, and it will do its job whenever you need it.

Tile tracker is the perfect solution for someone who always looses their keys.

Tile Tracker

When it comes to tracking keys and other valuables, one name truly stands out: Tile. There are already plenty of Tile models out on the market today, including PRO, SLIM, MATE, and STICKER.

Here are some of the highlights of these Tile trackers:

  • PRO offers more than 60 metres of range (200+ feet), offers geofencing, with a replaceable battery, and has a loud alarm.
  • SLIM is compact with a long battery life that can reach up to three years. It has a loud alarm, and you can slip it anywhere because it is as thin as your credit card.
  • MATE has a reasonable price and comes with a replaceable battery. The range is from 24 to 27 metres (80 to 90 feet) and offers a two-way find feature for locating your phone.
  • STICKER is a versatile tracker that can help you find your keys within a 21-metre range (70 feet). The battery cannot be replaced, though, but it does come with a geofence feature when you subscribe.

Out of the models above, the SLIM tracker is not the best option for finding keys since it is mostly designed for wallets and bags.

Tracker is the ultimate key finder device with other applications.


A cost-effective option is TrackR, which is a device that you can use to keep track of your keys. It offers you the ability to see the last known location of your keys. You can then check where you continuously keep losing them. This way, you can check those places quickly when you need to. 

TrackR is small and lightweight, so you will have no trouble attaching it to your keys. It utilises Bluetooth technology, offering up to 31 metres (100 feet) of tracking from the unit to your keys. There is also a flashing LED light, which helps you find the tracker itself at night.

You can become a part of the Crowd Locate community, which involves the TrackR users around the globe.

Xenzy key tracking device which saves time and money.


Finally, we have Xenzy, which is a low-cost tracker that gives you a pack of three key locators. Although it is one of the most affordable products around, it does what it promises to do. It is a bit bulky though, but it has lanyards so that you can attach the unit to your key ring.

Xenzy trackers can help you find keys within 22 metres (75 feet) of distance from the transmitter. The alerts are decent enough, allowing you to hear them even when they are under a pillow.

Say goodbye to the constant worry of losing your keys with the products listed above. These key finders help save you a lot of time and stress, so you can quickly find your keys and other items with just a push of a button.

If you have lost your keys permanently;   we recommend speaking to our friendly and professional team about our lock installation and key cutting services. 

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