Inserting key in deadbolt lock.

8 Keys to Make Sure You Never Lock Yourself Out Again

Getting locked out is never a fun experience. It wastes a lot of time, mainly if you are on your way to work. You don’t want to deal with unnecessary stress. And what’s worse is that it does not just affect you but the rest of your household, as well. It’s such a hassle having to call your partner, sibling, or a roommate who has a spare key to unlock the door for you.

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Pressing number combination of safety deposit box.

Everything You Need to Know About Safes

We have seen these interesting safes in movies, tucked behind a family portrait with life-changing papers and money. But do these kinds of safes exist? Yes, they do. The whole premise of wall safes is for them to be concealed and installed within a wall. The safe can be behind items, such as furniture, sculpture, mirror, and pictures. The objective is to make sure that the home safe does not attract any attention.

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key-cutting guide

Key Cutting Facts That You Should Know

Key cutting is an art, but many homeowners try to do the task on their own. It is not entirely difficult when you have the proper tools, knowledge, and determination. Once the bits are assembled, you should just ensure that you can make precise grinding – and perhaps even good eyesight. In reality, DIY key […]

Key finders used to find car and house keys.

The Best Key Finder Devices of 2020 

When you have one of the best products for finding lost car and house keys, the days of frantic hunting for are over. The idea is to attach the key finder to your key ring. It is mostly connected to your smartphone. When you cannot seem to find your keys, all you need to do now is whip out your phone, use an app, and wait for the alarm. Read more

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Our Response to the Covid 19 Pandemic

Diamond Lock and Security, here in Osborne Park, Perth is one of the most respected, Master Locksmith Association Member affiliated Locksmiths in all of Australia. We have been in business for over 40 years,  and know from experience that when people need a Locksmith in Perth, they call us. Read more

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