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Key finders used to find car and house keys.

The Best Key Finder Devices of 2020 

When you have one of the best products for finding lost car and house keys, the days of frantic hunting for are over. The idea is to attach the key finder to your key ring. It is mostly connected to your smartphone. When you cannot seem to find your keys, all you need to do now is whip out your phone, use an app, and wait for the alarm. Read more

A man breaking in and entering a home to steal things.

How to Reinforce Home Security after a Burglary

Just like any other country, numerous crimes take place in Australia, including home burglary. The good news is that the recorded number of burglaries is at a nine-year low in 2018. Unfortunately, it is not something to rejoice about. Burglars are still everywhere, and you could be one of their victims. Burglaries are devastating, especially […]

Master lock and key system diagram.

A Guide To Understanding Master Lock Systems

Your locks can be one of the best lines of defence for your home or business. According to a survey , burglars reported that minimal security, open doors and windows, poor security systems and detectable keys were all top reasons for break-in attempts. While you cannot necessarily foil all potential criminals, you can take steps […]

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