Cobey went and finished high school in 2015. While studying, he was working at a fish and chips shop. After graduating, he proceeded in the roof tiling industry. It was a good job, but it was not where he wanted to be at that time. It was also unhealthy to spend a considerable amount of time under the sun. He would always get sunburnt, so he decided to find another trade.

He is a second-generation locksmith, so planned to follow his parents’ path and applied to Diamond Lock and Security. Even when he was growing up, he did not think about getting into the trade. But later, it came out naturally to him. He has the skillset and is ready to take on the job at the company. It is why he was keen on starting his apprenticeship at Diamond Lock and Security.

Cobey Foley works as a Locksmith Workshop Technician at Diamond Lock and Security in Osborne Park.

At Diamond Lock and Security, everyone has a task to perform. It is a busy workplace, and there is always a big responsibility for the customers and the company itself. At the same time, all members of the team are willing to work with one another. Everyone is eager to assist and answer questions.

Cobey believes that focusing on technicalities is crucial in the locksmithing industry. It does not just involve working with the hands and eyes but also the mind. He has developed practical and problem-solving abilities. He is now considering improving his skills, which will enable him to become an even better worker in the future.

He prefers to work at the workshop but also loves attending to the needs of the customers. The most rewarding for him is providing the best service to them to see them smiling and satisfied.

Cobey has been with Diamond Lock and Security for about five years now. He has spent a lot of time with the other employees, as well as Rod Croot, the owner. It is a supportive environment. Whenever someone is having an issue with a particular client or task, the team is always ready to assist. Cobey believes that the company is a wonderful place for him to improve his skills in problem-solving. He also cherishes the opportunity for him to grow.

Being a locksmith and a workshop technician can mean that he would sometimes face high-pressure situations. Cobey accepts it as part of the job. Therefore, he never gets overwhelmed by it. If there is an angry client, he does not let that get to him. Rather, he aims to be a part of the team that provides the solution.

What he likes most about his job is when he surprises people with the results. Due to the lack of information and education regarding locksmiths, some customers do not understand what they do. People would sometimes look at them as the lock and key guys, but they can do so much more than rekeying and reprogramming locks.

Therefore, when he gives them the result that they want in a matter of minutes, it is quite an accomplishment. Cobey likes providing not just the best but suitable product and service for the customers.

  • Assisting new customers
  • Determining what the customers require, especially because some of them do not know what should be done
  • Discussing cars and how their keys work
  • Working with homeowners, businesses, and car owners

Currently, Cobey is focused on work, so he barely gets enough time to go out with his friends. However, he does his best to spend time with his family and friends. He also likes to go surfing, swimming at the beach, and going camping.

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