Diamond Lock & Security specialise in commercial, mining oil & gas, keys locks and security support as well as intercom.
Our commitment is to your security solution. We can provide your business or commercial property with a number of locksmith and security solutions, specialising in security support. Whatever the size or type of your organisation; we understand your business, and it’s security and convenience needs.

Our company is based in Perth, making it easy for us to understand the key business areas in the city.

Our mobile locksmith workshops regularly travel to the Perth commercial area in Malaga, Joondalup, Wangara, Bayswater, Belmont, Kewdale, Victoria Park, Canningvale, Maddington, O’Connor and of course Osborne Park where our well-equipped workshop and retail outlet is.


& Security Specialists in Perth

With years of experience, our locksmiths can offer a multitude of services to save or maintain your business’ security

  • Electronic Access Control – We use the leading software and equipment from brands like Salto, Onity, Samsung, and Aperio. Our Electronic Access Control (EAC) system gives comprehensive options for authorisation and identification. Our EAC is efficient for both single (standalone system) and multi-door facilities (connected through a wireless network).
  • Restricted Master Key Systems – Get rid of the hassle of using different keys for each door. With our Master Key System, you get enhanced security and convenience of single-key access.
  • Lock Replacements – When a lock has been damaged or picked, act right away. Call the pros at Diamond Lock & Security to have the lock replaced. We also install new door handles and closers if necessary.
  • Installation of Speciality Locks – Do you need deadlocks for your business? Look no further. We have a wide range of specialty locks, as well as heavy-duty padlocks that ensure your company’s security 24/7.
  • Lock Recoding – Diamond Lock & Security also offer lock recoding services. You never have to worry about old or lost keys – EVER.

How Secure is Your Commercial Property?

Diamond Lock & Security specialise in commercial locksmith requirements that your business requires. Give us a call NOW to find out more

We Understand Businesses

And Have You Covered

Additionally we

  • Stock Australia’s most trusted locks
  • Have a range of professional locksmith grade locks and accessories, not normally available
  • Can resolve all your specific commercial locksmith requirements
  • Can respond with our skilled call-out team in a professional and timely manner
  • Can supply your selected locks keyed alike, master keyed or with secure restricted keys
Residential Locksmith
We Understand

Your Industry

We serve all kinds of commercial clients:

  • Schools and Universities
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Retirement Villages and Apartment Complexes
  • Government Offices
  • Shopping Centres

No matter what size of the business, our locksmiths will take care of your security concerns, from broken locks to lost keys and many more.

The team of licenced professionals at diamond security standing behind the counter.
Why Choose

Diamond Lock & Security?

On top of all our business goals, we have one priority: customer satisfaction. Whether you require installation of door locks, security systems, keyless entry, or repairs, we commit ourselves to get the work done promptly and efficiently.

We take your security seriously. Our mission is to carry out fast installations and repairs while ensuring the safety of your investment.

When you need our help, call us anytime – day or night – for our after hours emergency services. Locked out or require a quick solution to a damaged lock?

No problem! Give us a call, and we will sort it out for you.

Driving into the commercial part of Perth city lit up with night lights.
We Have the Solution for

Your Property

We have proudly serviced commercial businesses around the Perth area for 40+ years. We understand your needs as a business owner from a locksmith and security point of view. In fact we service these common problems daily: 

  • Failing door closers
  • Broken locks
  • Loose Locks
  • Toilet locks
  • No keys
  • Supply of heavy-duty locks/padlocks
  • Alam systems
  • Safes
Masters in Business Security

& Operator Convenience

Our aim is not only to secure your premise but also to simplify your process with a master key system designed by one of our experienced and professional locksmiths. One key can do the work of many so access and who can obtain keys is under control- by you.

Maybe you have just moved into new premises and the thought crosses your mind “I wonder how many keys exist to this entry door” call and book a locksmith to recode your locks and supply new keys. 

With the wide and varied locks available today it becomes less of a problem to lock up cupboards, gates and storage areas.

We can also supply and install premium small to large safes from our safe arm of the business.

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We Have Been Securing Business' Across Perth for Over 40 Years

And Have a Solution for Your Property

Commercial Locksmith


We provide services to commercial businesses and organisations, including hotels, restaurants, retail and shopping centres. We also have customers in the education industry like public and private schools and universities, as well as government offices.

Our locksmith services are highly sought after in the seniors housing industry, where retirement villages require bolstered locking systems. The same goes for apartment complexes.

At Diamond Lock & Security, we are firm believers in safety as your most significant investment. That’s why it makes sense that no matter what your industry may be, you should always prioritise the security of your facility, assets, and the business itself.

A commercial locksmith provides efficient locksmithing and security installations to commercial and industrial properties and clients. Commercial locksmiths can also perform periodic maintenance, repairs, and replacements when required.

Unlike a residential locksmith, there are much stricter commercial and industrial security standards. That’s why if you run a business, it is necessary that you hire the right type of locksmith to benefit from the needed expertise in your sector.

Commercial locksmiths regularly study and research new lock technologies. They can install new locks, provide rekeying services, and create spare keys for businesses. They also install security systems, including alarms, CCTVs, and access control systems. If this sounds like what you need, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Diamond Lock & Security to hire a commercial locksmith.

Like with residential properties, offices can lock out employees. It’s a common issue where someone loses or damages their key and cannot enter the premises. Old or malfunctioning locks are also a widespread problem in commercial facilities. We often suggest installing new locks, but we can repair damaged locks, as well.

Many commercial properties also have an issue with poor and outdated security. That’s where our locksmiths come in. Armed with up-to-date information, we can give you recommendations and install the best security system for your premises.

Other common problems that we take care of for our commercial clients include broken or loose locks, failing door closers, and safe installations.

Commercial spaces generally require special and more complex locks and security systems compared to private residences. We offer different services based on the requirements of the commercial property.

One thing that we often recommend is the master key system, which is designed by our very own locksmiths. This system uses only one key to access various areas, providing the master key holder with control. That means you do not have to carry a bunch of keys to unlock the doors. Retail and other huge spaces will surely benefit from our master keying service.



Access control system

Access Control Systems

Electronic access control locking systems provide the security beyond the door, enabling you to restrict or allow access whilst protecting assets.



Do you want the knowledge and control of who is coming and going in your busy workplace? Imagine if the keys & locks in your company could talk to you!


Commercial Padlocks

Padlocks have secured our homes and commercial spaces for more than a century, used in almost all parts of the world to secure most precious items.

Lock installation

Lock Installation

An important part of your home or business security system, correct lock installation of quality locks can help ensure the safety of your family from break-ins and theft.



Intercoms can be the communication between you and the front door of your home or business, whilst feeling safe and secure.

Master key systems diagram of how it works.

Master Key Systems

Used by businesses, schools and organisations to allow employees access to specific areas as they are…

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