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electronic key access system to lock and unlock doors

Diamond Lock & Security are recognised as a trusted service provider for a variety of Access Control Systems including:

Electronic access control locking systems provide additional features beyond mechanical key control systems are operated by either RFID swipe cards, biometric readers, wireless bluetooth, pin password codes, proximity cards or fobs which instantly identifies and permits access to authorised person whilst denying entry to unauthorised persons.




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We can Custom Design, supply and install the most suitable cost effective access control system to suit your needs for your site whether small or large.

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Diamond Lock and Key has a wide range of Access Control, Intercom and CCTV
solutions to meet your exact needs.


Galaxy • Salto • Cyberlock • Loktouch



Wireless access control Salto Systems unique new networked escutcheons and cylinders can be used for a huge range of access control applications. You choose the level of security control you need. From a simple self-programmable system that needs no computer to manage it, through a highly capable mid-range ROM system, and up to the high performance data on card technology SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) system that allows you to control all the doors in an entire building or group of buildings from a single PC. See our Brochure here....

Electronic Key control LOKtouch™ Electronic Cylinder Series is an Electronic Master Key System that utilises stand-alone electronic cylinders and electronic keys, instead of traditional mechanical cylinders & keys, or fully-wired electronic systems.

The LOKtouch electronic cylinders are easily retro-fitted to replace mechanical lock cylinders in existing doors, cabinets, drawers and padlocks and require no hard wiring to achieve full access control.

The LOKtouch™ system is expandable to include hard wired online door controllers ( DMU ) which enables the system to include proximity cards and Mifare enabled mechanical keys making this one of the most flexible access control systems on the market today.  See our Brochure here....

Intercom systems - An intercom allows you to communicate with visitors before granting them access to your home or office. A door station is fitted by your entry door, which features a day/night camera, microphone and speaker.  Internally, we can fit one or more monitors allowing you to see and communicate with the visitor.

Infra-red light illumination allows you to see the person even at night.

If you have an electric lock fitted, you can also have the ability to open the door directly from the monitor. See our Brochure here....

  • Remotes access control – access granted with the push of a remote button (Micro latch)
  • Biometrics – for those that are after high security access control to your entry by using finger print. (Micro latch)
  • Digital locks – if you can remember a number, then let your finger be the key to opening your door. (SHS7020)
  • Electric locking doors and gates by using electric strikes or locks, high powered magnetic locking. Each of these can be coupled with the control of key/card/fob/digital or biometrics. (FSH/Seadan)
  • Restricted key systems – True it’s not electronic but a mechanical key system let’s you have the control over access of the key and control of the number of keys issued.


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