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What is a Master Key System?

Master Key Systems are key systems used by businesses, schools and organisations that only allow employees access to areas they are authorised to do so by their key but allows for a “Master Key” to operate all locks. The locks can be divided into areas of keyed alike groups (one key works a number of lock’s) or keyed to differ (the lock is worked by one key only) and there is the overriding Master Key or MK . mk-diag

Diamond Lock & Security design your system to allow for expansion and controlling the integrity of your system so that keys are blocked from passing through locks that they are not designated to pass.


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What is a Restricted Master Key System?

This is as above but has keys that are only able to be ordered by those in the organisation that have their signature registered with the supplier allowing them the authority to order keys, thereby controlling the quantity and issue of keys.

Restricted Keys of course don’t need to be a large number of locks, it can be just the one lock with only the one restricted key to work it.

What is the difference between the keys?

As the patents run out for the different keys in the market the manufacturers will produce new keys with different profiles, different head and adding features like coloured heads and access control ability.


Diamond Lock & Security are the specialists in High Security, Restricted Master Systems


Protect your precious assets with High Security Restricted Master Systems. With these systems you control and decide where staff can and can't access, who orders and issues keys.

Systems include Kaba Expert, Galaxy, Lockwood Twin, Generation 6, Status 6, Binary Plus, Abloy Pro and all can be tied into electronic access control by card and keypad.

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  • High Security locks for strength and reliability, worked by your Master Key system.
  • Master Key Systems - Standard keys or restricted keys ordered only by your designated authority.
  • Locks Opened, Keyed & Changed
  • Electric Locks & Strikes
  • Access control Systems


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