Work History

Julie has been in the locksmithing industry for almost 30 years, starting in 1992. A small locksmith shop needed someone to accomplish office jobs, such as answering the phone, doing the books, and other accounting-related tasks. She started as a part-timer but ended up in more authoritative roles within months. She stayed with the firm for ten years under three different owners.

To learn the ropes, Julie was surrounded by knowledgeable people whom she could turn to whenever she was stuck on a certain problem.

Being naturally skilled, and she found that she loved and enjoyed fulfilling tasks in a locksmith shop, especially at the workshop. It was where she learned several techniques in the field, such as pinning up locks.

Julie earned her ProMaster Certificate, which was for designing master keys for a restricted system. She also discussed with clients about the specifics of their requirements in locksmith services. She would also visit the site, such as hospitals, to survey with the lock technicians and see what the clients need.

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At Diamond Lock and Security team, she is back to running the operations, accomplishing admin roles. It was an exciting twist of events, and the wonderful people at the company made the transition exciting for her. She shares the same view as the company, especially with customer satisfaction as the primary focus.

Everyone is treated with respect, while the vibe is much more relaxed. It is a fun environment to work. When Julie needed a laugh after a stressful encounter with a customer, the team is there for her.

Julie Lopez is an honest worker and has always been a people-person. As a customer herself, she knows how to treat those who come to the shop to ask for assistance.

With years of experience, she has accumulated technical knowledge of the industry. She is proud of her excellent customer service skills, which is required in the business. Her decades of exposure to locksmiths and their services, she has fully adapted to their systems and processes. She also has a ProMaster Master Keying Certification.

She has also acquired hands-on skills for locksmithing, such as cutting keys, rekeying, and pulling a lock apart, along with other fundamental services.

Julie is also a pro at scheduling and time management and is a master at talking to the customers.

Julie takes pride in her ability to talk and understand customers. She is patient, calm, and laidback. She listens to whatever the customer has to say, whether it is good or bad.

She knows that building a good relationship with the customers now can significantly help the company in the future. It can take weeks or months to find a customer, but it does not take a minute to lose one. For her, looking after people does pay off in the long run.

Trust is vital in any industry. Locksmith operators become trustworthy when their customers are content with the results and service.

When someone calls to enquire about a service, the first thing that Julie thinks of is that she represents the company that will provide the service. At this point, it is only an offer, and the customer has the power on whether or not to continue.

Organisation is the key to success in this industry. This way, if it starts right, everything will fall into place. Such a philosophy also reduces conflict with customers.

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