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Lockouts can happen anytime, but thanks to our professional key maintenance services at Diamond Lock and Security, lockouts are not a problem anymore. Our expert service providers have professional locksmiths that attend to your queries as quickly as possible. Our locksmith service is part of mobile service which is capable of assisting you around the clock.

One of the finest locksmiths in Perth, Diamond Lock and Security helps you with lockouts or emergency situations when you are locked outside your car or home. As service providers, we also assist you in choosing the best lock for your home or business, securing your keys along with key installation and key maintenance service.



Diamond Lock and Security locksmith provides customers with host of facilities, including key cutting, key installation, 24 hour emergency lock out service, professional guidance, etc., key lock maintenance being one of the most primary service. We, as a locksmith company, make it our priority to educate our customers with the right key maintenance drills for their doors, windows, safes and security systems. These include;

• Checking the door properly to see that no hinges are losing their grip
• Making sure the key locks are well lubricated
• Spraying lubricants inside keyholes to ensure the keyhole or latch doesn't seem sticky

Perth locksmiths need to be equipped in the technology requirements of modern locking systems to ensure proper key maintenance services after installation. Therefore, we ensure that our team has up-to-date knowledge on latest key maintenance drills. This includes keeping a record of all the key installation programs and a duplicate key inventory in case a client loses the set of keys. The maintenance services of lock and key in Perth offered by us fall into these categories;

1) Home or office doors and windows
2) Car key maintenance services
3) Garage door key maintenance
4) Fireproof safes and key safes
5) Hidden wall safes
6) Key and gun cabinets


At Diamond Lock & Security we offer abundance of services under one roof. So, if you have a new key request, need to up skill your key maintenance ability or have some kind of door hardware issue, you can easily reach us and be assured of best, secure and time bound service.

You can request locksmith services through our online request form by logging on to our website, or reach us directly over phone at 08 9344 1965. All your requests will be responded to as quickly as possible.

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