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What is LOKtouch

LOKtouch™ is a Master Key System that utilises stand-alone electronic cylinders and electronic keys, instead of traditional mechanical cylinders & keys, or fully-wired electronic systems.

The LOKtouch electronic cylinders are easily retro-fitted to replace mechanical lock cylinders in existing doors, cabinets, drawers and padlocks.

LOKtouch™ is fully endorsed by the MLA, and supported by their Professional Guarantee.

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Fast & Easy to Install

LOKtouch cylinders simply retrofit to existing locks and door hardware, providing instant access control.


LOKtouch is suitable for all your security needs. It can be used in almost any location, from securing a small office or factory to providing access control for a school or university.
It is especially suitable for large scale applications, such as ensuring security across multiple Local Council sites, in different locations, using a single system.

Flexible Access

Set access control to suit the needs of your system.
Access can be based on daily working hours, weekly timetables and annual calendars, making access simple to set, and security easy to manage.


Each LOKtouch cylinder is powered by the Key – meaning there is no requirement for expensive wiring to connect the locks.
The User Key has a battery life of up to 50,000 openings.


Extensive range of cylinders and padlocks specifically designed to suit the Australian & New Zealand markets.


LOKtouch is backed by the Master Locksmiths Association’s “Professional Guarantee.”


LOKtouch Keys work by Near Field Communication (NFC) ensuring fast, encrypted transmission of access information between the key and the lock.


LOKtouch does not use a conventional keyway, making it secure against traditional manipulation attacks such as picking or lock-bumping.


Lost or stolen keys can be easily blocked (blacklisted) or removed from a system, without the need for an expensive and time consuming “rekey.”


Each Key stores the last 3000 access events, & every lock retains current access events.
This audit information provides you with comprehensive data on key usage in your system.


The LOKtouch software gives you the option to manage your own LOKtouch system, or if you don’t want immediate access to audit information, this system can be managed for you by your Diamond Lock & Security.

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