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A close-up profile image of Rod who is the owner of Diamond Lock and Security.

Rod Croot

Rod has been in the locksmith and industry for over 40 years now. With a background in mechanics, locksmithing came naturally to him. He spent about 12 months learning the ropes until he finally took over the business in 1980. Rod completed all the requirements to start Diamond Lock and Security, including Police Department Licence and Security Agents Licence.

He is a professional who values punctuality, integrity, and strong work ethics. Above all, he puts the customers first by giving them useful recommendations and excellent locksmithing services.

julie profile
Administrative Officer

Julie Lopez

In Julie’s 30 years in the locksmithing industry, she has accomplished several jobs, including office and accounting tasks. She is a pro when it comes to time management, which is crucial in the business. Julie has acquired a ProMaster Certificate for designing restricted systems’ master keys. She has also earned technical knowledge that allows her to work in the ever-changing locksmithing industry.

As a people-person, Julie loves to meet and greet customers. Her goal is to provide the best service so that they will continue to patronise Diamond Lock and Security. Aside from assisting customers, Julie also has hands-on locksmithing skills, including cutting keys and rekeying.

Paul English is the general manager at Diamond Lock
General Manager

Paul English

Paul is a business expert with a background in the insurance industry. He also has experience in Security, Safety, and First Aid. As the General Manager, he has multiple roles, including supervising the staff and taking care of the business operations. But his main priority lies in the satisfaction of the customers with the company’s services.

Paul is particularly interested in the sales aspect of locksmithing, which is why he is well-versed in talking and listening to clients. He makes sure that they will feel Diamond Lock and Security is the best option for them.

Sophie Hoelzl is an Apprentice locksmith and general service operator at diamond lock and security.

Sophie Hoelzl

Sophie may be the youngest at Diamond Lock and Security, but she is a crucial member of the team. After finishing high school, she started a job at a café up in the hills. In July of 2019, she joined Diamond Lock and Security as an apprentice.

Stephen Mullane is a specialist in Master Keying at Diamond Lock
Master Keying

Stephen Mullane

Stephen graduated from high school in 2009. Right after that, he went straight to the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts where he studied audio engineering and songwriting. His musical background brought him to this path. His father was a music teacher, and his mother and sister were both singers. When he was younger, his grandfather taught him how to play the piano.

Tyler Bowen is a talented Locksmith apprentice who has been with the locksmith team at Diamond Lock and Security for a few years.
Locksmith Apprentice

Tyler Bowen

When Tyler Bowen was 15, he started a job at an accounting firm. At 16, he transferred to another company where he stayed until he finished high school when he was 17.

As any high school student, it was not an easy path for him. He has some problems with school and was not as engaged as he wanted to be when he was in Year 10 and 11 of his Human Resources classes. Because of the lack of interest, he looked at other avenues. Perhaps HR was not the right direction for him.

Cobey Foley works as a Locksmith Workshop Technician at Diamond Lock and Security in Osborne Park.
Locksmith Workshop Technician

Cobey Foley

Cobey went and finished high school in 2015. While studying, he was working at a fish and chips shop. After graduating, he proceeded in the roof tiling industry. It was a good job, but it was not where he wanted to be at that time. It was also unhealthy to spend a considerable amount of time under the sun. He would always get sunburnt, so he decided to find another trade.

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