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Mining Oil & Gas

Diamond Lock & Security have a long
relationship with supplying
the Mining, Oil & Gas industry
with solutions to the specialised
security challenges they present.

We are conversant with the logistical requirements and processes involved in providing the high quality products in a timely and cost effective manner. Our staff are trained and experienced in dealing with personnel from within these industries.

We provide the Mining, Oil & Gas Industry with
a 7 Day 24 Hour Emergency Service

mining, oil, & gas industry

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individual keys

Carbine Knobset




Diamond Lock & Security specialises in Commercial & Mining, Oil and Gas; key/access control, video and audio intercoms, restricted key systems and safes. You can control, audit, restrict and monitor access and usage of your facilities.

We can solve re-keying of your commercial, oil and gas and mining keys requirements; replacing out of order locks and handles and gaining access if you lock yourself out.

Ask for more information on...

  • Using Salto, Paxton wireless, card access door locks
  • Remote access control using features to transmit a code to open a lock in remote locations
  • LokTouch or Cyberlock
  • Digital locks mechanical or electronic
  • CCTV Cameras, auto focus, movement control
  • Video and audio intercom
  • Locking devices that will solve a problem that is not an off the shelf item
  • Restricted  Master Key systems that solve the control the number of keys and locks


Diamond Lock & Security