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General Manager

Paul English is Diamond Lock and Security’s General Manager. He has a prominent role in the company from overseeing staff to handling the overall operations of the business.

Work History

Before he started in the security industry, he was first a part of the insurance industry. But ever since then, he has always been customer service orientated. Moving on, he landed a position in the corporate scene. He took on an account management role then to an insurance group with securities as part of the aspect.

The group evolved, later on, merging with another sector. Paul found himself doing what he loved the most: providing services to clients. Because he was enjoying his job, it did not take long before he became more of a specialist in that area, which was, by default, related to security.

Paul moved on and took on a wholesale position in the account management level. It was then that he acquired an extensive background and knowledge in the security industry. It was why he became a locksmith trainer in Western Australia. Many competitors of Diamond Lock and Security today were once his clients and trainees.

Paul English is the general manager at Diamond Lock

Paul English has always been motivated to serve. He liked the sales aspect in locksmithing, from talking to clients and listening to their needs to providing these requirements. Being attentive is crucial in the industry he is in because clients have various situations. If there are any issues, he wants to be a part of the solution.

He is an expert in the industry, providing unparalleled service to the customers with the help of his industry experience.

Paul is a professional & has acquired the necessary education and training to jump-start his career. With a background in safety, first aid, and security, Paul has been recognised by governments, particularly in defence. Committees have acknowledged his specialisations in specific security areas. These recognitions are all testaments to his credibility and overall reputation in the industry.

Over the years, Paul has turned into a significant figure in the company. Having started as a trainer, one of his goals is to be a part of the biggest locksmithing company at least in WA. He implemented a management style that would help the business, whether or not its operations are sizeable.

As the General Manager of Diamond Lock and Security, he directs the business procedures. He attends to the needs of the clients, both VIPs and regular ones. It is also his job to assist with the company’s growth and improve relations with the media and customers.

Being in the locksmithing and security industry is tough. It requires focus but is easier said than done. Paul often finds himself doing one thing, and then another task would need his immediate attention. But as a pro, he has learned how to multitask.

A General Manager admittedly has numerous things to manage, and one of them is time. Working with limited time for specific tasks is a common occurrence in the industry. It all starts with self-management, which is an essential skill that allows him to contribute more to the work environment. It is a discipline that he lives by, enabling him to manage the staff and different divisions better.

Diamond Lock and Security is not just about work. Everyone gets along and treats one another with respect while having fun. Paul loves working with the staff and all of the company. He enjoys “Crazy Fridays,” when the team can relax and be sociable.

Locksmiths are crucial to the success of Diamond Lock and Security. It is why they should be chosen carefully to represent the company. Paul makes sure all the boxes are ticked first, from qualities to work experience to service and mindset.

Education is important. Locksmiths do not truly have a lot of requirements, but they have to complete a four-year internship. Schooling, such as achieving Technical and Further Education (TAFE), is particularly a vital piece of the puzzle.

Locksmithing involves providing service to the client. It is about the safety and security of a home, business, or individual. Therefore, the locksmith should be attentive to the needs of the client. If there are questions, there should be answers. Communication is critical when dealing with customers, whether they are new or old.

Disputes and complaints are almost difficult to avoid. Even if you do an excellent job, a customer can still find a fault. And that is okay. The approach that Diamond Lock and Security uses is to have multiple teams that will handle specific clients and issues. It is what sets the company apart. Instead of blaming the client or avoiding confrontations, responding to these grievances in a timely and professional manner is the best method.

Paul English takes pride in his name. Over the last 29 years in the security industry, he has built a strong reputation. He appreciates everyone’s contribution to the company and cares and nurtures his relationship with the external customers as well.

He is a firm believer in internal customer satisfaction. That is, he treats the staff the same way that he would treat any client. Therefore, both sides of the spectrum know that they are well looked after. He is a polite, respectful, attentive, and hardworking professional. When the staff is treated properly, support and good results are easy to achieve.

Just like how his staff is happy to work with him, his external clients are, too. His experience and knowledge in the industry may be the first things that people admire the most about him. However, it is his demeanour that makes them stay as a regular client. Because of how content they are of his services, he gets plenty of referrals.

In fact, the number of referrals has grown. In the course of 40 years since the company started, referrals have made up about 60% of the clients. Of course, everyone working in the company gets the credit. It is with superior services and a reputation built on trust that allowed this growth and increase in retention rate. It also helped improve new client numbers.

He is proud of his integrity and professionalism. He is loyal to the company as with the customers. His dedication goes hand in hand with excellent service. If anyone asks about what Paul is like, he will be described as someone who goes above and beyond for the clients.

Paul has a vision for the company. Over the past few years, it has dramatically evolved starting with its name, previously Diamond Lock and Key. Today, the business is known as Diamond Lock and Security. Not only that, but the company has also broadened its horizons and reach, as well. There used to be a limited number of products and customers – a tunnel vision focus.

Today, Diamond Lock and Security have a lot more products, categories, and sales than before. Expansion is undoubtedly a part of the future, and it is the mission of the company to become bigger and better than ever. With many efficient models that are working in many areas, it is a goal that can be reached in the coming years.

Paul has a philosophy. He likes to think the company goes the extra mile to help. On a personal level, he does not focus on money or earnings. Surely, it is an integral part of the job, but his priority lies in customer service and satisfaction.

Even when a customer may not have enough money for a service, he tries to find a workaround. He still wants to complete the job without hesitation and no other ulterior motives. His purpose is simply to assist.

Paul is a people-person, and it shows where his best interests lie. These “people” involve his family, customers, team, and the whole company itself. He provides his full support for everyone. He believes that solving problems starts with management. If the employees and the company work with one another, any issue can be resolved in the most efficient way possible.

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