The ABUS 83/50 is a mid-priced padlock that is worth every dollar you spend. It is made of solid brass, which ups the ante when it comes to security and weight. It comes with a body made of brass, along with weather-resistant shackles with chrome plating. The combination not only helps the padlock fight off the effects of harsh weather and its changes but also adds more protection for your belongings.

The shackle also uses a unique alloy steel material, which has NANO PROTECT coating. This trademarked coating also increases the lock’s resistance against environmental effects, including corrosion. The ABUS 83/50 has a dual ball bearing locking mechanism. This feature allows is to stay durable even when it is tugged. Many thieves will try to pry your lock, but if it is a double ball bearing lock, it cannot be opened. Therefore, you benefit from the added level of security.



As with the locks in the 83 Series, the 83/50 can be keyed into different security keyways using its removable cylinder. You can then rekey the lock in case you need to match it with an existing key you already have. This feature is advantageous for those who may have lost their keys, so they do not have to buy a new one or change their locks. Also, it is good for businesses that may require new keys after changing employees.

Other features and functions of the ABUS 83/50 are the following:

  • The brass body measures 50mm
  • The shackle diameter is approximately 9.5mm
  • The horizontal clearance of the lock is 23.5mm
  • The product comes with a quick-change feature for the shackle

The ABUS 83/50 also has a variety of replacement shackles, which are available in different sizes and materials.

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