The ABUS 83/60 is a part of the 83 Series from ABUS, the leader in padlocks and lock technology. It has a ton of features, which are ideal for both homeowners and businesses. The 83/60 is designed to keep you and your valuables safe. It is easy to use and will not consume your time at all, especially when it comes to rekeying.



Very User-Friendly

It saves not just time but also space since its body width is only 60mm. The shackle diameter is only 11.5 mm with a vertical clearance of 38 mm and a horizontal clearance of 25 mm.

The rekeyable lock allows you to change the keys without needing other tools. This way, you do not have to replace your lock even if you lose your key. Also, it is useful for businesses that require a new lock to keep unauthorised persons out.

Some rekeyable locks have variants that only add up to the bulk of the lock. However, the 83/60 can provide all the additional features without becoming much bigger. There is no need to alter the shackle lengths or use more parts just to retain the key when unlocked.

The ABUS 83/60 is accurate and high-quality. It is designed for those who demand fast and easy rekeying functionality. It can easily be converted into a key-retaining lock from a non-key retaining lock. You can use it outdoors as well, thanks to the NANO PROTECT plating, which prevents and resists corrosion.

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