The ABUS 83/80 is a solid steel rekeyable padlock. The shackle measures 38.1 mm (1.5 inches). It measures 80 mm and weighs 1.4 kg. This high-security padlock is best for providing maximum security for your most treasured items, including your jet skis and motorcycles.

Stand Out Features

The 83/80 is made of chrome-plated hardened steel for the lock’s body. It has a double ball locking mechanism, which means that it has two stainless steel balls. These balls lock either side of the shackle. Therefore, it will be difficult for the thieves to pry open the lock, even with their tools.



Nano Protect Plating

Expect nothing less from this lock, which comes with NANO PROTECT plating. It is a trademarked plating that gives extra protection against extreme weather elements. Additionally, it works by enhancing the existing security of the lock.

The shackle is made of alloy steel, which also has the NANO PROTECT technology. This coating offers protection against corrosion, so you can place the lock outdoors. Another feature of the 83/80 is its removable cylinder, which can be used to rekey your lock to match other keys that you use.

Whether you prefer key-retaining or non-key retaining function, this product comes with the patented Z-Bar. This feature allows you to convert it from one to the other in just a few seconds.

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