MAR stands for “Marine,” which means the ABUS 83MAR/45 is a marine-grade security padlock. It is a 38mm SS shackle that offers high security to its users. This way, you can rest easy even when you are far away from home or office.

Specifications and Functionality

The lock has a solid brass body, carefully and systematically machined for efficiency. The plating comes with a pearl chrome material that reinforces its strength and durability. As with the other 83/45 locks from ABUS, the 83MAR/45 allows the users to convert the keys easily. For this particular product, the snap shut function can be used, as well as the key captive utility.



Double Ball Locking

ABUS 83MAR/45 has a double ball locking mechanism, which provides extreme protection. Unlike your traditional locks, it comes with twice the protection for you and your valuables. Without double ball locking, the padlock will easily open if someone cuts the shackle. Since this lock has double protection, the shackle will stay in place on both sides. Additionally, the shackle will not rotate if it is locked down.

The product also provides users with easy customisation. You can remove the cylinder to rekey the lock quickly. It also comes with a quick change feature for the shackle. The ABUS 83MAR/45 incorporates the 570 six-pin style barrel and can be used with many keying profiles.

Perfect for Indoors Too

You can utilise the lock both indoors and outdoors. Even with the harsh weather, it will not rust or become less durable. It is completely weather-protected, thanks to its shackle seals, stainless steel shackle, and cylinder cover.

The lock also has a patented Z-bar, which supports two functions, from converting to key retaining to non-key retaining in just a few seconds.

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