The ElettriKa Gate Lock is an ideal choice for controlling the flow of traffic in and out of apartment complexes, private clubs, or any other gated area. It is also a highly effective way to prevent forced entry to a property.

The CISA ElettriKa Gate Lock can help solve your security issues or give the reassurance necessary to have peace of mind about your property. The patented rotary hook deadbolt provides up to 2,000 kg tensile strength, so you know you and yours are safe.




The easy to use lock has excellent standard features, which include:

  • Protective steel casing
  • A light-up indicator to let you know the status of your gate
  • Customisable timer setting so you can control how long the gate will remain open
  • Silent opening
  • Immediate floor striker action
  • Self-adjustable floor striker means continued use over several years
  • Options for manual operation (with a key)
  • Low voltage opening


  • Backset adjustable 50mm to 80mm
  • Reversibility and backset variable between 50mm to 80mm
  • Silent lock opening
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