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Lockwood Keyless Locking Solutions

Imagine never having to carry keys to your home!

Lockwood is leading the way in technology with a range of 6 exciting keyless locks to fit in with your lifestyle. Each has different features which this brochure will guide you through to help you select the right product for you and your families needs. Not only is keyless locking more convenient, but it also puts a stop to lost keys and lock outs. But it does not stop there, there are other manufacturers that have similar products and features, such as Samsung, Westinghouse and Borg all locks suitable for home or office. Diamond Lock & security are able to install more than this limited range, with standalone - wireless or wired access control solutions, with live view of events and audit trails.  

Mechanical Digital Locks Mechanical Digital Locks

130412003534167 (1)Keyless Digital Deadlatch

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Wireless Digital Deadbolt

130508072059286 (1)
Keyless Digital Deadbolt

Code Handle Keyless Lockset

140204001213218 (1)
Nexion Keyless Entry Lockset

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