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Management Services

Your complete Security Management solution, holding a security agents license & Police license.
Along with all the relevant insurances including induction cards.

We have a wealth of knowledge stemming from 40 years of experience in the industry, and are competent to assist and support your individual needs with attention to detail and expert advice.

Property management
Property management
Issues We Can

Help You With

Time is of the essence when it comes to having to resolve these issues which could be:

  • When a door closer fails
  • EXIT door locks required
  • A lock breaks or becomes loose on the door
  • Toilet lock fails
We Make It a Simple

Process for You

Our expertise comes into play to repair or replace if you have no keys to a lock, need heavy duty padlocks and locks replaced and just wish they were on the one key instead of the bunch you already have!

Call us now and we will book in the next available locksmith to visit.

Maybe there has been the loss of control over keys and locks at the building we can survey and install a new restricted key system, with the added benefit of a Key management program to allow that control to happen.

Perhaps you have a new tenant just moved into the premises, and the thought crosses your mind “I wonder how many keys exist to this entry door”.

Call and book a locksmith to recode your locks and supply new keys. Maybe at the same time, you could have a restricted key system installed, so access and availability of keys are under control by you.


Diamond Lock & Security specialise in property management locksmith services – supplying you a complete security management solution. Call us NOW to find out more.

Experts in Electronic

Lock Technology

If it becomes imperative to know the person that has accessed the door then, we can arrange to have our technician supply and install an Electronic Access Control System with an audit trail to the door that needs this type of control.
With the wide and varied variety of locks available today, it becomes less of a problem to lock up cupboards, gates and storage areas.

If in need of a safe, our Safe Department can supply and install small to bank safe size safes, visit the large showroom part of our locksmith premises at 227 Main St Osborne Park or go to the safe website at


Solve Your

  • Restricted Master Key Systems from Galaxy, KABA, Lockwood, Master Locksmiths Association
  • Replacing out of order locks, handles & door closers
  • Electronic Access Control and Master Keying & Security Needs
  • Deadlocks and a range of specialty padlocks from Abus, Galaxy and Lockwood
  • High-security heavy duty padlocks
  • Gaining access to locks with no keys
  • Access control systems from Salto, Aperio, Onity and Samsung, Standalone locks or networked
  • Recode of your locks so the old key no longer works on your premises
A Lockwoood door handle very suitable for rental properties.
Dorma TS93 Slide Arm Door Closer with Adjustable Power and Back Check for Pull Side.
Additionally We

Stock Australia’s Most Trusted Locks

  • Have a range of professional locksmith grade locks and accessories, not normally available
  • Can resolve all your specific commercial locksmith requirements
  • Can respond with our skilled call-out team in a professional and timely manner
  • Can supply your selected locks keyed alike, master keyed or with secure restricted keys
  • Can custom design access control to suit your needs and much more!

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    Access control system

    Access Control Systems

    Electronic access control locking systems provide the security beyond the door, enabling you to restrict or allow access whilst protecting assets.


    Commercial Padlocks

    Padlocks have secured our homes and commercial spaces for more than a century, used in almost all parts of the world to secure most precious items.



    Do you want the knowledge and control of who is coming and going in your busy workplace? Imagine if the keys & locks in your company could talk to you!

    Master key systems diagram of how it works.

    Master Key Systems

    Used by businesses, schools and organisations to allow employees access to specific areas as they are…

    Lock installation

    Lock Installation

    An important part of your home or business security system, correct lock installation of quality locks can help ensure the safety of your family from break-ins and theft.



    Intercoms can be the communication between you and the front door of your home or business, whilst feeling safe and secure.

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