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Electronic Security

fingerprint authentication. biometric authentication concept. mixed media.
Electronic Security

Security is fast evolving with access to new technologies greater than ever before.

Our commitment is to your security solution, customised to suit any project.

Security systems could mean a number of things to you, that when a number of possibilities come together means you are SECURE, be it keys and locks, card access, CCTV or alarms.

Issues We Can Help You With

  • More, bigger, better locks
  • Control who gets a key
  • Control who goes where
  • Give a report on who went where
  • Let me watch areas of importance
  • Alert me when someone enters the property after hours
Our Services

Access Control Systems

Electronic access control locking systems provide the security beyond the door, enabling you to restrict or allow access whilst protecting assets.

CCTV Systems

Nothing gives peace of mind like being able to visually check in on your business or home. No longer do you have to be on the premises, you could be out or on holiday.

Master Key Systems

Used by businesses, schools and organisations to allow employees access to specific areas as they are authorised to. This allows for a “Master Key” to operate all locks.