Getting locked out of your home doesn’t need to be a nightmare.

We can provide 24 hour 7-day emergency service whenever you get stuck!

Just moved in? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Who else has a key to my home?
  • Do you have secure locks in your home?
  • Do you feel secure in your house?
  • Do you feel your assets are secure while you are not at home?
  • Do I need all these keys

If these questions have you worried at all, you need to consult the team at Diamond Lock & Security – a trustworthy and reliable locksmith company offering 24 hour emergency services.


Residential Services

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    Note: please call (08) 9344 1965 if you require urgent assistance.


    We build and live in homes to gain shelter that will safeguard us, our family and our assets.

    We offer a wide range of services for homes:

    • Lock Repair and Replacement: When your dependable locks start to wear out, we will handle the lock repair or replacement for your garage, front door, gate, window, or sliding door.
    •  After Hours Emergency Services: Locked out in the middle of the night? No problem! Contact us, and you will soon be inside your home in no time.
    •  Lock Installation: Whether you have a new home or you just moved into an apartment, we will install new locks for you.
    •  Lock Rekeying: We offer efficient rekeying services for those who want a quick solution for changing their keys without replacing the locks.
    •  Electronic Access Control: For homeowners who want a smart way to enter and safeguard their homes, our high-tech electronic access control systems are the answer.
    •  Safe Installation: Keep your valuables safe with a “safe.” Diamond Lock & Security is your go-to installer for high-quality safes in Perth.
    •  Security Door Locks: We cater to sliding and hinged doors that require extra defence against intruders.

    Stand alone, battery-powered electronic locks are a new part of the lock range that can be fitted to doors and offer convenience and control of entry but not always the security that comes in the mechanical locks.

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    When Do You Need

    a Locksmith?

    Home security should always be taken seriously. When it comes to locks, Diamond Lock & Security will serve you promptly and professionally.

    When do you need a locksmith? Here are some scenarios where hiring a locksmith becomes valuable:

    • You locked yourself out of your house or property. It is a common mistake that can happen to anyone, including you – no matter how careful you may be with your keys.
    •  You lost your keys. Perhaps they were stolen or no longer working because they were broken. It is time to call a locksmith.
    •  You recently moved to a new house. We recommend that you change all the locks even though the previous owners may have already changed them for you. There is no such thing as being overly careful, especially when it comes to security.
    •  You forgot the combinations, codes, or passwords of your electronic keypad.
    •  You discovered that your locks were damaged due to age, weather, or attempted break-in.

    Your home is one of your most significant investments. But apart from that, it is where you and your family live. We know that your ultimate goal is to keep everyone safe – and Diamond Lock & Security is your partner towards achieving that goal.


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    The Latest in Home Security Technolgy

    Our commitment to offering the latest in lock technology sets us apart from the competition.

    We take pride in the quality of our products and services. We have mobile workshops as well. This way, we can attend to your required locksmith task onsite. We also supply and install locks, safes, which are the key ingredients to a well-protected home. Whenever you need emergency assistance, or you simply want to bolster the existing security system of your home,

    At Diamond Lock & Security, we take our job seriously. We offer fully-accredited services to residential properties to help keep assets and lives safe at all times.Call us (08) 9344 1965, and we will have our technician sent to your location right away.

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    Residential Locksmith FAQs

    Yes, we certainly do! At Diamond Lock & Security, we understand that many emergencies occur at the most inconvenient times, such as late at night or at daybreak. Anyone could get locked out of their vehicles, homes, or apartments. Perhaps you faced an unfortunate situation, such as a burglary. One of the steps you need to take is to have your locks replaced after the incident. That’s what our emergency and after-hours services are for.

    We offer emergency locksmith services to both residential and commercial properties. Please get in touch with us immediately and give us information about the circumstances. You can rest assured that our team will be there in no time.

    Diamond Lock & Security locksmiths are licensed, insured, and police-checked professionals. We are confident in our skills as highly trained and certified tradies with a business that has been in existence for over 40 years.

    All employees undergo a background check and have licencing credentials. When you hire your locksmith from us, you can be certain that the employee sent to your house or office has every required certificate. Rest assured that we at Diamond Lock & Security value your peace of mind. If in doubt, you are more than welcome to request our employee to show you their licence.

    In our years of locksmithing, we have provided tons of services to domestic properties all over WA. One problem that we often encounter is getting locked out of the house or car. Each person has their own reason, such as forgetting to take their keys from inside the house or leaving the key somewhere they cannot recall. When you’re rushing to leave for work, you could easily lock yourself out. It happens to the best of us.

    So, if you are locked out of your house or vehicle, don’t be embarrassed. Contact Diamond Lock & Security, the most trusted residential locksmith in WA.

    Our expert locksmiths are confident in every job we accept and complete. Diamond Lock & Security locksmiths are a member of the Master Locksmiths Association. This premier organisation oversees all those working in the locksmith industry in Australia and New Zealand to ensure members hold appropriate certifications and valid security licences while following a strict code of conduct.

    With over 40 years of experience in security and locksmithing services, we provide top-tier service at all times. We use products and offer services that come with a guarantee. That way, you can be confident as you put your trust in the best locksmiths in all of Perth.



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    Automotive Locksmith

    Need spare car keys? Lost or stolen car keys? New keys at reasonable prices, genuine or aftermarket options.

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    Emergency Locksmith

    Diamond Lock & Security are there for you after hours. We can help you anytime as we know, thins happen.

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    Key Cutting

    Key cutting services for residential, commercial buildings, car keys copied or manufactured to factory specifications.

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