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Car Keys & More

All you need is to provide us with a sample key that operates correctly in your lock and in minutes we will be ready with a brand new key that works with your existing locks.

  • Car keys copied or manufactured to factory specifications
  • Motorcycle keys
  • Commercial vehicle keys
  • Caravans keys and locks
  • Coded Transponder keys
  • Keys cut to VIN number and factory codes
  • Proximity keys (push to start ignitions)
  • Central locking keys
Different cat keys on display for selection and cutting.
Peace Of Mind That

Education is Our Priority

Still, there are millions of people who stick to the conventional way of protecting their home and valuables with locks operated by a key.

Carrying a bunch of keys around in your pocket might sound archaic, especially in the world where everything can be controlled from a smartphone. It must be said though, that keys are still a large and effective form of security.

Key cutting is a process of making an exact copy of your original key or an entirely new key. However, it is always recommended by locksmiths that you should have at least one set of spare keys.

If you happen to misplace your keys, don’t panic. Call us and we will assist in resolving the problem, and gain you access to your property promptly.

We, as a locksmith company, make it our priority to educate our customers with the right key maintenance procedures for their doors, windows and safes. These include:

  • Checking the door properly to see that no hinges are loose
  • The door has not simply shrunk in our dry heat or expanded in wet winter
  • Making sure the key locks are correctly lubricated
  • Spraying a lubricant (like Inox) inside keyholes to ensure key and the internals move correctly

Expert Advice

Contact us today for expert advice on your key cutting needs. We service residential, commercial, car keys and more!

Two Types

Of Key Cuttings

That Are Widely Used by the Locksmiths


Key Copying

Mechanical key duplicating is the simplest processes to replicate a key. This service is available in many places, but often performed by staff with no training which can cause a host of issues. For example, there needs to be a constant resetting and cleaning of the machine for accuracy of the cut. This means maintenance and training to use equipment properly are essential.

Minor details such as too much pressure on the key carriage alter the accuracy, not setting the keys to the key stop, not cleaning the key jaws, tipping the keys up or down, can all affect the cut and cause the keys not to work.

At Diamond Lock & Security all our staff are highly skilled and trained and will get the key cut right every time.

Services key cutting
Services key cutting
Code Machine Cutting of

Keys to Factory Specifications

This process isn’t as popular as mechanical key cutting but is used by some locksmiths to produce a key cut to factory specifications. When the accuracy of key cutting is vital, we use a specialised machine that is computer controlled and very accurate.

When we need complete accuracy, with hundreds of keys cut in sequence downloaded from our master keying program for our restricted key systems, this is the machine we turn to.

For example, if you have a filing cabinet without keys that are manufactured by Brown Built, Godfrey, LockFocus, L & F, Lowe & Fletcher, Steel Case, Hafele, CL or many other branded cabinets we can replicate the keys for you by using a key code number.

Key Cutting Services


We can cut a new key based on the pieces of the broken key, so be sure to keep the parts of your broken key.

If your key breaks in the lock, do not panic. Our expert locksmiths are on call 24/7 and can remove the broken key and then cut you another one.

Cutting a standard key usually will take around one or two minutes. Restricted keys, specialised keys, and key fobs can take up to an hour.

Yes, we do commercial key cutting and often advise businesses about their locks. We use our code machine to cut restricted keys to exact factory specifications when necessary.


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Automotive Locksmith

Need spare car keys? Lost or stolen car keys? New keys at reasonable prices, genuine or aftermarket options.

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Emergency Locksmith

Diamond Lock & Security are there for you after hours. We can help you anytime as we know, thins happen.

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Lock Installation

An important part of your home or business security system, lock installation can help ensure the safety of your family from break-ins and theft.

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