Rod, the owner of Diamond Lock and Security, successfully took the situations placed in front of him and worked his way to ownership of a highly successful and esteemed locksmith business.

Work History

Rod grew up on a farm, where he saw the value of hard work first-hand. His chores on the farm gave Rod experience in problem solving, repairs, and improving equipment. Rod spent two years at Cunderdin Agricultural College, learning about mechanics associated with farming as well as many aspects of agriculture.

When the farming industry took a downturn, Rod sought his future elsewhere. He spent ten years as a bricklayer until a back injury made the work impossible.

He looked for other types of work and became friends with a locksmith who spent 12 months teaching Rod the ins and outs of the business. Because he was already mechanically inclined, Rod learned quickly. Working in the industry felt right to Rod.

In 1980, the owner offered to sell the business to Rod. The timing was right, and Rod bought the business. Rod got the necessary license from the Police Department and began leading Diamond Lock and Security.

Under Rod’s leadership, the business grew. Eventually, it was necessary to hire someone to work in the shop while Rod did call-outs to customers. Rod obtained the newly required Security Agents License. He received the 370th certificate issued.

Rod is justifiably proud that he learned the locksmith trade without an apprenticeship and is essentially self-taught. However, he has helped 27 people through locksmith apprenticeships in his 40 years of business.

A close-up profile image of Rod who is the owner of Diamond Lock and Security.

Rod immediately understood how crucial trust was for those in the locksmith trade. He credits his strong professional values as helping his business thrive. Some of the qualities Rod believes are key to business success include,

  • Punctuality
  • Willingness to serve others
  • Integrity
  • Strong work ethic such as staying late to finish a job not leaving then coming back the next day.
  • Problem-solving ability

While the locksmith trade is not inherently dangerous, Rod and his team value the safety of customers and themselves. They always double-check the integrity of tools and equipment. Additionally, the team files the Safe Work Method Statement for all jobs that require it.

Rod understands that caring for his customers is the key to success. He is proud to say he still works with many of the customers he met when he opened Diamond Lock and Security 40 years ago.

Rod and his staff are always happy to share a little knowledge with their customers. He finds that many times customers are unaware of the nuances of the locksmith job, and occasionally this leads to frustration.

There are a few ways that Rod ensures happy customers:

  • Communication can prevent misunderstandings and enlighten all involved
  • Present the best to a customer. Set aside personal issues and focus on giving the customer the best service possible
  • Remember the locksmith’s role is to serve and take care of the customer

Rod takes care when hiring employees. He pays attention to how applicants act and react in situations. Rod has three very important traits he feels are necessary for his employees.

These are:

  • Integrity
  • Intelligence
  • Energy

Rod often says that if a person does not have the first trait, the other traits will do you harm.

Building up his employees is something Rod takes seriously. He views the company structure at Diamond Lock and Security him serving his employees so that they can give their best for the customers. Rod often tells his team that an individual should base their work on their conviction to give their best, not on complying and doing what is required.

Rod plans to continue to strive to provide efficient quality service to his customers and work always to do the right thing.

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