Work History

Sophie may be the youngest at Diamond Lock and Security, but she is a crucial member of the team. After finishing high school, she started a job at a café up in the hills. In July of 2019, she joined Diamond Lock and Security as an apprentice.

With more than a year of experience in the locksmithing industry, she has seen its differences with the hospitality industry. But having experience in serving people, Sophie knows how to handle customers. It’s one thing that she has learned in her first job. Just like working at a café, locksmithing and the work that comes with it entails focusing on the customers. And at Diamond Lock and Security, customers are always the priority.

Working at Diamond Lock and Security

Sophie admits that she did not truly see herself working in a locksmith shop at first. But she found the job quite interesting. There is room for growth and improvement. It is also a workplace that lets her practise her communication skills, which is something she enjoys.

On a day to day basis, she can often be found answering the phones to talk to customers. When she is not busy in discussion with other people, she is helping out Julie Lopez in performing a variety of tasks. Sophie also invoices their clients and ensures everything is organised. She looks after cameras, intercoms, and access keys whenever she can.

One of the best things about working at Diamond Lock and Security is that she always feels everyone’s support. They all communicate with one another. Sometimes, it can be stressful because of the incredible demand from the customers. There are also time constraints to manage and sometimes, angry customers to appease. It’s a tough job, but she is always up to the challenge. And the working environment she is a part of makes it even more comfortable.

Rod Croot is also a great boss who makes everyone feel valued in the company. Whenever Sophie needs assistance, someone will always be around to help.

Sophie Hoelzl is an Apprentice locksmith and general service operator at diamond lock and security.

Looking at Sophie’s daily tasks at Diamond Lock and Security, one can tell that she is a person who excels in reliability. She is skilled and can understand instructions quickly.

Usually, she talks to customers who require entry after having been locked out of their homes. When she is lucky, the person on the phone is cool and understands the situation they are in. However, many times, individuals who need this standard service are panicky. They want to get things done right away.

In these cases, Sophie remains calm and collected. She gives the customers the reassurance they require. The team will soon be on its way and take care of the problem. Sophie is a team player who knows what her roles are, as well as the other things she can do to improve herself.

She is keen to learn about new things and is not afraid to admit that she does not know everything. It is why the team works well with all the members. They get along just fine, and the office vibe is always relaxed yet professional.

Sophie has finished with her Certificate III in Business, which she is doing with a training company called Trainwest. She is unsure what to do next, but she may continue Certificate IV in Leadership and Management or something similar.

When she has acquired all the necessary qualifications, she hopes to become a part of a management team. She benefits from her job at Diamond Lock and Security, where she has met plenty of helpful people. She knows she will take all that she has learnt and apply it into her future.

Whenever she can, Sophie would go out with her friends and have some fun. Sometimes, she would be out and about by herself, exploring what Western Australia offers.

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