Work History

Stephen graduated from high school in 2009. Right after that, he went straight to the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts where he studied audio engineering and songwriting. His musical background brought him to this path. His father was a music teacher, and his mother and sister were both singers. When he was younger, his grandfather taught him how to play the piano.

He explored the music scene further by working in the field as a sound engineer and a stagehand for about one year and a half. Because it was challenging to keep a job in the music business, he also ventured into other paths, including making sandwiches at Subway.

Stephen later tried to study Primary School Teaching for another year and a half until he decided it was not for him. He continued accepting other roles as a cleaner and gardener. Then, six years later, he found himself at Diamond Lock and Security.

Stephen Mullane is a specialist in Master Keying at Diamond Lock

He may have been interested in music because everyone in the family was. But locksmithing has a certain appeal to Stephen. It was different mostly because it involved using one’s mental capacity more often than the physical.

Since he was a child, Stephen has always been mechanically minded. He would often look at blueprints and study them. He also liked dismantling things just to put them back again. Anything that challenges his mind is interesting to him. And that was what made him try the world of locksmithing.

Being in a high-pressure environment can be difficult for many people, but Stephen has always been resilient. He likes to challenge himself and show his skills to other people, especially when solving problems.

He understands that mistakes are rarely acceptable in locksmithing. If the lock fails and a person gets trapped inside the house, it will become his responsibility. Therefore, he always aims to provide the best products and services to the customers. Stephen wants to ensure their security while also giving advice.

Stephen is also a people-person. At the same time, he is careful and investigative. He has learnt throughout the years how to read people, which is an important trait. In this business, especially, there is always someone who will take advantage of the situation. For instance, some people over the phone will pretend that they are the owner of the key or the house and would like to gain access.

He has learnt over the years that it takes patience to find out the truth. The key is in asking the right questions to ensure that the team is only dealing with the legitimate owner and not someone with ill intentions.

His primary role involves dealing with commercial clients. Most of the time, when they require any keying or rekeying service, they would go to him. Stephen looks after master keys, as well as restricted locks and their keys. His job entails the legalities, which include completing the paperwork and getting the clients’ signatures.

The supportive environment makes the job much easier for Stephen. Rod is a great boss, and he is surrounded by positive people. They all lift each other up and are always ready to provide assistance. Someone who makes a mistake will be held accountable and will receive constructive criticism to avoid making the blunder again.

Transparency is vital in the business, and Rod serves as an example. They make sure to uphold all the core values in the company so they can represent it accurately.

His roles in Diamond Lock and Security include:

  • Master keying
  • Dealing with clients directly
  • Answering the phone
  • Providing advice to the customers, whether what they want can be done or not
  • Creating paperwork and registries
  • Giving instructions for the people at the workshop on what to build

Stephen is excited to learn more things about the locksmithing world with Diamond Lock and Security. He hopes that he can be a part of the team for a long time.

When he is not working, he takes time to get enough sleep.

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