Work History

When Tyler Bowen was 15, he started a job at an accounting firm. At 16, he transferred to another company where he stayed until he finished high school when he was 17.

As any high school student, it was not an easy path for him. He has some problems with school and was not as engaged as he wanted to be when he was in Year 10 and 11 of his Human Resources classes. Because of the lack of interest, he looked at other avenues. Perhaps HR was not the right direction for him.

Then, one day he saw a few videos of people making watches. It was something that grasped his attention and thought that it could very well be what he was looking for. However, watchmaking was a trade that is finicky. Working with small watches could also be too demanding. So, he looked into other jobs that were on the technical side. His two other options were gunsmithing and locksmithing.

He finally decided to take on locksmithing because there were not a lot of options in gunsmithing in Australia. In February of 2019, he started his job at Diamond Lock and Security as an apprentice.

Tyler Bowen is a talented Locksmith apprentice who has been with the locksmith team at Diamond Lock and Security for a few years.

Looking back on the first day at Diamond Lock and Security, Tyler did not honestly know whether or not he belonged in the locksmithing industry. It was indeed a massive jump from his previous job. At Diamond Lock and Security, everyone is a professional who cares about their career and what the outcome of their services will be.

More than the professional courtesy, what he likes the most about working at Diamond Lock and Security is the ability to help other people. Whenever he deals with customers, he takes his responsibility quite seriously. After all, they have high expectations for the business. They want to get the best possible service, whether it is key cutting or installation of locks.

This company has also taught Tyler how to improve his communication skills. He has gotten so much better now, especially in addressing people and their lock or key issues. And it always feels like an accomplishment whenever he has provided them with the correct solution.

His day to day roles include:

  • Working with key cutting machines
  • Pinning up locks
  • Programming car keys
  • Reading car keys and creating duplicates for them

Whenever he needs to cut keys, he would receive a piece of paper that gives him the key plan. It is his job to make sure that the keys work, along with their pins.

What truly excites him now is working with car keys. It is a lot more different than standard keys because car keying needs some thinking and planning. He will have to read the keys thoroughly using just his eyes. There is no machine that he can use, which is why it is enjoyable and challenging at the same time.

One thing that Tyler has learnt in these two years at the company is that the locksmithing industry is not for everyone. It requires the person to be always ready for the challenges. As he is a quick thinker, he has easily adapted to the work environment.

It also helps that the people around him are quite supportive of everything he does. Whenever he needs assistance, all he has to do is to talk to them about it. They always offer advice and recommendations so he can do better next time.

Working at the company also gave Tyler the experience with a variety of locks, from standard to restricted ones. He now understands how the locks and pins work. All his daily tasks give him exposure to the industry that is necessary for learning.

At the moment, Tyler is happy where he is. He knows how valuable his job is, with the responsibility of keeping homes and possessions secure.

Tyler is looking to finish his four-year apprenticeship. He is currently in his second year now, so Tyler is still unaware of the next steps to take. However, he is satisfied with his job, and perhaps locksmithing can be a part of his future. It may also involve cars, which he likes to work with, especially anything concerning problem-solving.

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